Jonesville History: Ghost Cigars, Etc

My telling of Jonesville History includes local ghost stories and legends.

I’m told that at least ten ghosts at the Inn at Merridun (c. 1855) in nearby Union. The hauntings have been described in Haunted Inns of the Southeast by Sheila Turnage and Haunted Inns of America by Terry Smith and Mark Jean.

The most commonly cited ghosts are the Duncans (T.C. and Fannie). They lived in the Merridun in the late 1800s and are said to make their presence known in the form of two unique scents: cigar smoke and perfume. Too, it’s said they sometimes scatter pennies about the place.

Other ghosts include a white dog, two children (believed to be brother and sister), and an African-American housekeeper. Too, the sound of Native American drumming is sometimes heard.

–Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill