Jonesville History: Ghost Cigars, Etc

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My telling of Jonesville History includes local ghost stories and legends. I’m told that at least ten ghosts at the Inn at Merridun (c. 1855) in nearby Union. The hauntings have been described in Haunted Inns of the Southeast by Sheila Turnage and Haunted Inns of America by Terry Smith and Mark Jean. The most […]

The Story of Bob

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  One evening we found a baby bird on our sandy driveway, not far from a large oak tree, flopping around, unable to fly, unable even to stand. We carefully scooped him up and created a substitute nest for him out of a shoe box. We named him Bob. Then we went online to find […]

Pirates: FYI

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The earliest documented instances of piracy are the exploits of the Sea Peoples who threatened the Aegean and Mediterranean in the 14th century BC. These pirates were known to wield cutlasses, a type of sword common in that era. On one voyage across the Aegean Sea in 75 BC, Julius Caesar was kidnapped by Cilician […]

Beaux Arts in Pinellas Park

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It’s rainy and gray in South Carolina. A good day for getting back to work on the Great American Novel—the Holey Grail for so many of us wannabes toiling away, assembling picture puzzles from words. I’ve been hacking away at it (machete in one hand, torch in the other, cocktail in the third) for several […]