More on Pirates: FYI

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The great or classic era of piracy in the Caribbean extends from around 1560 up until the mid 1720s. The period during which pirates were most successful was from 1700 until the 1730s. The term buccaneer is now used generally as a synonym for pirate. Originally, buccaneer crews were larger, more apt to attack coastal […]

Jerry The Sniper

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[I found this short story in the liquor store box where I keep my discarded writings. This snippet was inspired by a real life Miata ride down state to have a barrel threaded for suppression—that’s “silencer” most of the world. I’d have added it to Blue Rubber Pool had I known it was there.] Going […]

Union County. Get Smart.

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Union County, South Carolina, reminds me of Get Smart, the 1960s spy parody television series starring Don Adams. Remember?. Each episode opened with Agent Maxwell Smart (aka Agent 86 …”Max”) walking a long narrow hallway through a series of strange doors. One door opens to reveal a stairway. Another, fake prison bars, opens to reveal […]

Jonesville History: Ghost Cigars, Etc

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My telling of Jonesville History includes local ghost stories and legends. I’m told that at least ten ghosts at the Inn at Merridun (c. 1855) in nearby Union. The hauntings have been described in Haunted Inns of the Southeast by Sheila Turnage and Haunted Inns of America by Terry Smith and Mark Jean. The most […]

The Story of Bob

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  One evening we found a baby bird on our sandy driveway, not far from a large oak tree, flopping around, unable to fly, unable even to stand. We carefully scooped him up and created a substitute nest for him out of a shoe box. We named him Bob. Then we went online to find […]