Bill Murray (the coolest Where’s Waldo ever!)

I’m not sure where I’ll end up New Year’s Eve but I hope Bill Murray will be there.

It’s fun hearing about him. He seems to show up everywhere. Photo bombing, party crashing, bar tending, doling out fatherly advice and brotherly shots.

He’s like a best bud from the good old days still going strong. Everybody’s legendary favorite uncle –through the history of time—rolled into one guy.

It’s bird watching, Where’s Waldo, and a reverse surprise party combined.

And the cool part: He’s in Charleston, just down the road. As much a part of its character now as The Battery and Market Street.

What I want most is to turn toward the door of a crowded room just in time to see Murray making a grand entrance like he did in that cavalier scene getting off the plane in Stripes.

So far, the closest I’ve come to a Bill Murray Sighting is second hand. Crystal and her friend ended up jogging beside him during the Cooper River Bridge Run one year.

I was in a bar. Plenty of people were waving martinis. But none of them were Murray.

Nope. He was out on the bridge. Jogging next to my wife.

Btw, that’s a Vostok Amphibian watch he’s wearing in A Life Aquatic.

Sidebar Story—

I once crashed a private Scientology party in Clearwater, Florida. It was Christmas or New Year’s Eve. I had just moved there and didn’t know anybody. I saw the crowd (at a restaurant next to Clearwater Harbor) and decided to join the fun.

I’ve always been a “the more the merrier” type.

Things were going well at first. I met a girl in the drink line and she seemed to like me.

But it turned out she liked Scientology better. Because she ratted me out to the Party Nazis. And they promptly showed me the door.

I wish Bill had been there with me. What a night that might have been!


At any rate, wherever you wander and wherever you roam this New Year’s Eve, keep an eye out for Murray.

Give him a hug or pat on the back and tell him “Hello and Happy New Year from Pineapple Hill.”

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— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill