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Moving up in advertising agencies meant moving doc hollywooda lot –one city to a next– until a patch of ice followed by a guard rail brought me to an unexpected stop in South Carolina.

Talk about a reset button.

If you’ve seen Doc Hollywood, you’ve got the general idea.


beach-house-viewhenry SMALLSince 2003 I’ve worked as a freelance marketing director via The Brand Development Company. There’s a logo/button for more info on that down below. You have no idea how grand it is to be out of the rat race and out here instead.

Pineapple Hill is a residence and business retreat: a Bermuda cottage-style beach house built up off the ground in a cow pasture.

boats-from-rafterscarolina flag artLocated half an hour south of Spartanburg (between Atlanta and Charlotte), it’s so quiet that I swear you can hear what the birds are thinking.

It’s a great place to brainstorm.

There’s even a conference room. (It doubles as a party room for oyster roasts.)

surfboard and bananasThere’s a “test” vineyard, palm trees, bamboo, peach trees, apple trees, blackberries, blueberries, black mission figs and persimmons. There’s a Palmer-proven “par one” golf course and a deck for 12-guage shots at sporting clays. There’s a dog and a cat, deer and a few coyotes, fishing poles and, a little ways through the woods, the 35-acre fishing hole.

There’s a red canoe, surfboards, a wooden skiff with lovely sheer, a hot tub (blue swim trunks stuck in a nearby banana tree), lots of books, homemade wine and a bonfire pit.

We named the turkeys, collectively, “The Wilsons”.
As in “Look ya’all! The Wilsons are back!

carolina pallet fish

My Carolina pallet fish are now sold at Vintage Warehouse, the upscale interior decorating and repurposing art center in Spartanburg.

When not working “on the clock”, I like to sail, drive an old Jeep, repair an old Jaguar, paint stuff on recycled pallets.

I’ve written a novel set on Edisto Island and another about a blue rubber pool. I’m working on a next (set in Charleston). Maybe I’ll get them published someday. Or maybe not.

It’ s a pretty good life. Far different than what I knew in New York, the Chicago area, West Virginia, Jacksonville, Tampa, DC, and other places I’ve lived. Way far different. Which is why I keep this web site …to remind me that this quirky dream is real.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s meet up on Twitter too.

— Tim Bryant
    Surf Director


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