pineapple hill south carolina

Pineapple Hill is a business retreat for brainstorming.

Conveniently located between Charlotte and Atlanta, Pineapple Hill offers a relaxed destination for offsite planning and syncing up on projects such as strategic planning, brand management and new product introduction.

Private two-day workshops help groups of 3 -6 finalize targeting, competitive analysis, SWOT, unique selling proposition, brand message, brand personality and other positioning assets for emerging brands or existing ones needing a tune up.

Breaks are taken for par one golf, Jeep outings, canoeing, sailing, fishing, skeet shooting, after hours bonfires or “porch time” with a glass of wine from our “experimental” vineyard.

Clients throughout the United States and in South America, Australia, Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Asia.

Call 864-415-1232 for details. Or write TimBryant@PineappleHillSC.com.




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