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Moving up in advertising agencies meant moving doc hollywooda lot –one city to a next– until a patch of ice followed by a guard rail brought me to an unexpected stop in South Carolina.

Talk about a reset button.

If you’ve seen Doc Hollywood, you’ve got the general idea.


beach-house-viewhenry SMALLSince 2003 I’ve worked as a freelance marketing director via The Brand Development Company. There’s a logo/button for more info on that down below. You have no idea how grand it is to be out of the cubicle –out here instead.

Pineapple Hill is a residence and business retreat: a beach house in a cow pasture half an hour south of Spartanburg, between Atlanta and Charlotte. It’s so quiet I swear you can hear what the birds are thinking. A great place to brainstorm. There’s even a conference room. It doubles as an oyster party room. And a place to paint fun, edgy fishes onto recycled pallets.


surfboard and bananasrocking chairs with turtleThere’s also a “test” vineyard, palm trees, bamboo, peach trees, apple trees, blackberries, blueberries and persimmons. There’s a “par one” golf course and a deck for shooting. There’s a dog and a cat. There’s deer and a few coyotes. There’s fishing poles and, a little ways through the woods, the fishing hole.

There’s a red canoe, surfboards, a wooden skiff with lovely sheer, a hot tub, swim trunks stuck in a banana tree, lots of books, homemade wine, and a great spot for roasting oysters.


We named the turkeys, collectively, “The Wilsons”.
As in “Look ya’all! The Wilsons are back!


When not working “on the clock”, I like to sail, drive an old Jeep, KIMG0367repair an old Jaguar, paint stuff on recycled pallets.

I’ve written a novel set on Edisto Island and another about a blue rubber pool. And I’m working on a next (set in Charleston). Maybe I’ll get them published someday.

It’ s a pretty good life. Far different than what I knew in New York, Chicago, Tampa, DC, and the other places I’ve lived. Way WAY far different. Which is why I keep this web site …to remind me that this quirky dream is real.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s meet up on Twitter too.

— Tim Bryant
    Surf Director


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